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April 20

Transparency in business

Business transparency – honesty is the best policy

21/04/2020 - Business Transparency

2 Minute Read

In time gone by, business transparency was a taboo subject. From customer proposals to employee salaries. Being opaque within your business operations and communications, the better your chances of business success.

However, today’s market businesses who safeguard their business secrets to success can run the risk of having the opposite effect, losing employees being advocates of your .

Waterfall Content Strategy

What is a waterfall content strategy?

12/02/2020 - Content Strategy

2 Minute Read

Many marketing tactics rely heavily on content creation and over the long term, being able to keep a consistent flow of content that’s fresh, and useful can be extremely exhausting.

One way to keep content flowing is to have a waterfall content strategy.

Like any waterfall from the top, there’s a constant flow of water flowing from .

Understanding a customer journey

Do you really know your customers?

13/11/2019 - Customer Journey

2 Minute Read

Every customer begins their customer journey with a desire that is currently unfulfilled. A new set of furniture to replace the tired and old. A new TV to spend your days watching Netflix. Your products or service could fulfil that desire – you just have to be able to locate your customers.

The 5 stages of the.
Customer Journey Mapping

Customer Journey – How to be Competitive?

01/04/2019 - Customer Journey, Customer Journey Mapping, CX

2 Minute Read

A short blog to share the value of mapping out your customer’s journey.  First of all, you should think of your customer journey as a roadmap that details how your customers discover or become aware of your brand.

For example, a potential customer is shopping further up the high street and whilst continuing shopping sees your store .

Beacons & Proximity Marketing

Beacons & Proximity Marketing – The ins and outs

13/08/2018 - Customer Engagement, Customer Retention, Marketing


2 Minute Read

One of the latest and growing strategies mobile marketers use to target customers is proximity marketing, which relies on the use of devices known as beacons. This technology is being heralded as the next big thing. And it’s easy to see why it is proving essential in helping retailers/restaurants increase footfall, whilst also boosting conversion rates .

Gamififcation Boost Engagement

Boost employee or consumer engagement with gamification

29/03/2018 - Creativity

2 Minute read

Gamification really is rewarding and fun

Although gamification has been around for a few years, it is still seen as a marketing trend going forward, though it is now gaining more attention as an ideal way to create engagement with a consumer audience or employees to increase productivity. This is because the concept of playing a game .

The Very Basics of SEO and UX

The Very Basics of SEO and UX: Why is it Important?

29/01/2018 - SEO Basics

2 Minute read

The Very Basics of SEO and UX: Why is it Important?

For SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) to work, the UX (User Experience) of your site needs to be effective. This blog will outline the fundamentals of these two marketing principles and why they’re so important if you want to rank high in Google searches. Additionally, it will .

GDPR changes on 25th May 2018.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

29/12/2017 - General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

3 Minute read

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

GDPR will overhaul how businesses process and handle data. This blog explains its points and puts you in the direction of where to find out more information if needed.

What is it?

It is a regulation by which the European Parliament, the Council of the European Union and the European Commission intend .

BamBoo Smart Growth 12 Month Celebration

Happy Birthday Bamboo Smart Growth – 12 months old!

22/11/2017 - Happy Birthday

3 Minute Read.

Happy Birthday – BamBoo Smart Growth! Beware this is a truthful account of my first 12 months experience of self-employment and starting my own business.

With its ups and downs, it certainly has not been an easy year, though it has been an invaluable and mostly enjoyable experience. With the self-employed army growing day by day, now .

Customer retention is important and businesses have the power to control that.

Customer Retention

01/11/2017 - Customer Retention

2 Minute Read

Customer retention is important and you as a business have the power to control that. Trying to get customers to return to your website is critical to expansion and growth.

There are many ways to control customer retention, for example, the checkout process needs to be simple but most importantly secure for the end user. Offers, discounts .


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