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April 20

BamBoo Smart Growth - Millenial Stats

Effective Ways to Market to Millennials

19/10/2017 - Marketing

2 Minute Read

The Mt.Everest of markets, a frustrating market to conquer and control but such a high reward of years of brand loyalty. The youth who need smartphones, social media and WiFi to survive have grown up in the land of technology offering a higher demand and higher expectations when it comes to brand engagement.

There are some top .

The Power Of The #Hashtag

The power of the hashtag and why your business should be on Instagram

02/10/2017 - Social Media

3 Minute Read

People remember 80% of what they visually see, 20% of what they read and 10% of what they hear. This figure is what makes the social media platform Instagram critical in any social media marketing campaign. Majority of users follow their favourite brands on Instagram and this is an essential way to advertise your product to a .

Social Media Strategy

Best practices for social advertising

15/09/2017 - Social Media

3 Minute Read

As over 2 billion users currently own a social media account and marketers can gain 24/7 access to the worlds largest focus group, it’s clear to why social media plays a key role in the industry. Facebook, Twitter or Instagram the opportunities are endless. The audience speaks back to you offering the opportunity to gain feedback instantly .

Image planning a marketing campaign

The Importance of combining Digital with Traditional Marketing

31/08/2017 - Marketing

5 Minute Read

Nowadays, marketing is focused on its digital aspect, meaning that most promotions, campaigns and advertisements are online.

Many marketers believe that the online marketing is the only way and that social media campaigns, email newsletters and website ads will produce the best outcomes.  It is mostly true since a large portion of the population is online most .

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Why a Marketing Strategy is a Must! If you don’t have a strategy it won’t work.

26/05/2017 - Strategy

3 Minute Read.

From the world’s best directory to the next great social media channel, everyone out there is trying to get your attention through marketing. They’re all making big promises to get your message out there, though all your plans to launch your product or service are falling flat.

The innumerable options can be your downfall if you don’t .

Putting Your Trust In A Brand

Why repeat business and loyalty can be more efficient that trying to win over new business

03/04/2017 - Customer Retention

5 Minute Read.

Businesses are constantly under pressure to lower prices, revamp products and provide even greater customer service. Customer loyalty is getting harder to obtain, but customer lifetime value is what businesses should still be focused on to drive growth because attributing value to customer behaviour creates a solid basis for long-term sales success.

Why customer lifetime value matters?.

BamBoo Smart Growth - New Start Up Planning

How to grow big with a small marketing budget

30/03/2017 - Budgets

3 Minute Read.

“Dream big. Start small. But most of all, start” …this is a great quote by Simon Sinek, Simon is an optimist, he believes in a bright future and our ability to build it together.

You have made the brave move and are now on the journey to having a successful business of your own, only you realise .


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