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Customer Journey

Understanding a customer journey

Do you really know your customers?

13/11/2019 - Customer Journey

2 Minute Read

Every customer begins their customer journey with a desire that is currently unfulfilled. A new set of furniture to replace the tired and old. A new TV to spend your days watching Netflix. Your products or service could fulfil that desire – you just have to be able to locate your customers.

The 5 stages of the.
Customer Journey Mapping

Customer Journey – How to be Competitive?

01/04/2019 - Customer Journey, Customer Journey Mapping, CX

2 Minute Read

A short blog to share the value of mapping out your customer’s journey.  First of all, you should think of your customer journey as a roadmap that details how your customers discover or become aware of your brand.

For example, a potential customer is shopping further up the high street and whilst continuing shopping sees your store .


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