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Customer Retention

Beacons & Proximity Marketing

Beacons & Proximity Marketing – The ins and outs

13/08/2018 - Customer Engagement, Customer Retention, Marketing


2 Minute Read

One of the latest and growing strategies mobile marketers use to target customers is proximity marketing, which relies on the use of devices known as beacons. This technology is being heralded as the next big thing. And it’s easy to see why it is proving essential in helping retailers/restaurants increase footfall, whilst also boosting conversion rates .

Customer retention is important and businesses have the power to control that.

Customer Retention

01/11/2017 - Customer Retention

2 Minute Read

Customer retention is important and you as a business have the power to control that. Trying to get customers to return to your website is critical to expansion and growth.

There are many ways to control customer retention, for example, the checkout process needs to be simple but most importantly secure for the end user. Offers, discounts .

Putting Your Trust In A Brand

Why repeat business and loyalty can be more efficient that trying to win over new business

03/04/2017 - Customer Retention

5 Minute Read.

Businesses are constantly under pressure to lower prices, revamp products and provide even greater customer service. Customer loyalty is getting harder to obtain, but customer lifetime value is what businesses should still be focused on to drive growth because attributing value to customer behaviour creates a solid basis for long-term sales success.

Why customer lifetime value matters?.


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