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Customer Journey – How to be Competitive?

01/04/2019 - Customer Journey, Customer Journey Mapping, CX

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A short blog to share the value of mapping out your customer’s journey.  First of all, you should think of your customer journey as a roadmap that details how your customers discover or become aware of your brand.

For example, a potential customer is shopping further up the high street and whilst continuing shopping sees your store and its aesthetic – PING.  They walk in and see the layout of your store – PING.  Your employee greets them – PING.  Your employee then offers the customer help – PING.  The employee is friendly and knowledgeable – PING.

The process goes on and can continue on to the product.

Build a Customer Journey Map

User Flow is typically working on one task or goal through your product or service.

If it wasn’t already clear, here are four exceptional reasons to build a competitive customer journey –

1. It gives you the customers point of view.

Customers go through various stages beyond the purchase and use of your product/service. Therefore, producing a customer journey allows you to visualise the different complexities of their experiences; for example, the customers desire, and what they are thinking and doing whilst using your product/service.  Mapping out key interactions across a time-frame will give you knowledge of the journeys your customers take with you.

2. It identifies obstacles, which are opportunities.

The customer journey map also reveals customer strain points like system and service failures. This allows you to identify processes and areas in the customer journey that dissatisfy the customer, allowing you to act where needed.  Happy customers equal a competitive customer journey.

3. It allows you to empathise with your customers.

The customer’s wants and needs, as well as their feelings and motivations, should be right at the heart of your customer journey map. Following their journey allows you to gravitate and respond to their emotions; making their experiences better and more satisfying.  The journey encourages the organisation and its hierarchy to consider the customer feelings, needs and questions.

4. What outcomes will you receive from mapping out a customer journey?

You understand your customer and what they need and want.

It can help determine problems and opportunities that can benefit the customer’s experiences both in the short-term and long-term.

It can help understand and identify the positive business outcomes in investing into customer experience.

A simple but interesting way of looking at customer behaviour here, for more blogs take a look at the link https://www.bamboosg.co.uk/blog/

Lenny Davies
BamBoo Smart Growth

By BamBoo Smart Growth - 01/04/2019 - Customer Journey, Customer Journey Mapping, CX


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