Teacup Kitchen

Marketing Consultancy

Teacup Kitchen is a long established eatery in the quirky Northern Quarter, Manchester that needed support to help them improve, update their business model and customer journey with recommended strategies. They required an overview of their current business including mapping out their customer’s journey across multiple channels.  They wanted solutions that would modernise the business to give immediate results to improve customer service, cover and overall sales.

They needed to establish what improvements were needed to be made across all their service levels.  A mystery dining exercise was arranged on various days at various times in order to judge overall customer service levels, food standards and footfall whilst having a complete understanding of their customers’ behaviour, experiences, and emotions.

A business improvement report was produced, this identified immediate improvements that were required to enable the business to then market itself successfully using the recommended strategies and platforms.

Key Drivers

• Increase sales and profitability
• To enhance customer service levels
• To create seamless customer experiences across multiple channels and multiple touch-points
• To develop new customer journey and experience capabilities to better support customers through their onsite purchase, experiences, and adoption of new customers via multiple channels

Website: www.teacupandcakes.com

Project: Marketing

Teacup Kitchen Logo

Teacup Kitchen Logo


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